Garage Music Cover Templates For Photoshop

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Collection of distressed grunge design, music album cover photoshop templates. Creative artwork psd templates for garage house music album covers, CD cover or audio podcast covers. Easy to edit and customize, well organized photoshop psd templates with regular or extended license. Fits for all music social media sites like apple music, bandcamp, soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify, beatport, deezer, lastfm, itunes,…etc. Could be used also on social media sites like instagram, facebook, youtube, twitch,…etc.


  • Photoshop PSD files (compatible from CS3)
  • easy to edit and customize
  • high-resolution 300ppi | RGB
  • 3000x3000px | 1920x1080px
  • pre-made color variations
  • free fonts used

Garage House Music vol.1 – Album Cover Template

Abstract grunge design album cover artwork template.

grunge music album cover template

Oldschool House Music Album Cover Template

Retro cassette house music album cover template for house music vibes.

retro house music album cover template

House Music Album Cover Psd Template

UK garage house music album cover artwork template for photoshop. Easy to edit and customize psd template.

house music album cover template

Garage House Music vol.5 – Album Cover Template

Creative album cover art template not for garage music only. It’s great for many music genres from house music, tech-house, techno, breakbeat, trap to dubstep or drum and bass.

creative album cover art template

UK Garage House Music vol.6 – Cover Template

Stunning garage music cover template for audio podcast, music album or CD cover.

uk garage house music cover psd

Garage House Music vol.7 – Album Cover Template

Grunge design album cover art template for photoshop. Easy to edit and customize.

vinyl house music cover template

Garage Music Album Cover vol.8

Garage house music album cover art template. Easy to edit and customize photoshop psd. Unlimited color variations.

garage music album cover psd

Garage House Music vol.9 – Album Cover Template

UK garage house music album cover photoshop template in colours of the year 2021 ( ultimate grey and illuminate ).

distressed album cover psd template

Breakbeat – Distressed Album Cover Artwork Template

Grunge or anti-design album cover artwork made for alternative or underground music genres like garage house music, urban sound, trap, breakbeat, alternative rock,…etc.

antidesign album cover template

Memories – Music Album Cover PSD Template

Retro minimal album cover art photoshop template.

retro creative album cover template

After – Grunge Music Album Cover Template

Distressed grunge design. Music album cover artwork photoshop psd template.

grunge design album cover psd

Vinyl House Music Album Cover Templates Pack

UK Garage house music album cover psd templates. 4 in 1 pack photoshop album cover or audio podcast cover templates.

vinyl house music cover templates