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Chillout Album Cover Templates – 20 Photoshop Layouts

20 photoshop psd templates. Artwork templates for chillout music albums. Great also for DJ mixes, audio podcasts or audiobooks. Some of these chillout album cover templates are print ready CD covers. However, all 20 chillout album cover templates are great for web use (soundcloud, spotify, iTunes…).

Inner World Peaceful Discoveries – CD Cover Template

Creative CD cover template. Chillout music album cover artwork template. Pack include front cover, back cover and disc label psd template.

creative cd cover template

Chillout vol.4 – Album Cover Art Template

Minimal design with sacred wire geometry. Bold title typography. Great for alternative and chillout music albums.

chillout album cover template

Chillout vol.3 – Music Album Cover Template

Minimal design in matte color schemes. Chillout album cover template. Made for iTunes, soundcloud or spotify music projects.

chillout music cover template

Buddha Bar – Lounge Music CD Cover Template

Chillout music album cover template. Ready to print. Easy to edit and customize photoshop PSD template.

buddha cd cover template

Chill Grooves – CD Cover Artwork Template

CD cover template for chillout music projects. Subtle minimal design. Chillout album cover template. Pack include front design, backside design and disc label template.

chill grooves cd cover template

Under The Mountain – CD Cover Template

Chillout music album cover artwork. Print ready photoshop PSD template. Nice subtle color gradients. Atmospheric design. Great for chill music projects.

under mountain cd cover template

Indie Chill Music – CD Cover Artwork Template

Indie chillout album cover template. CD Cover psd template. Easy to edit, customize and ready to print.

indie chill cd cover template

Chillout Music – Album Cover Template

Chill out in mountains. Music album cover template. Easy to edit and customize. Ideal for spotify, iTunes or soundcloud projects.

mountain chillout album cover template

Chill Grooves vol.4 – CD Cover Artwork Template

Chillout CD cover art template. Great for oriental music projects. DJ mixes and music albums. CD cover design with ganesh statue in duotone colors.

ganesh cd cover template

Peak Sound – Music Album Cover Template

Creative minimal design. Sacred geometry. Bold title text and pre-made monochrome color versions. Music album cover template not only for chillout albums.

peak sound album cover template

Chillhouse – Abstract Album Cover Template

Abstract album cover template. Made for chillout music projects. Nice for audio podcasts or like an audiobook cover.

chillhouse album cover template

Chillin Tunes – Music Podcast Cover Template

Podcast cover design template for chillout music projects. Simple chillout music album cover template for spotify, soundcloud or instagram.

chillout podcast cover design template

Inspiring Melodies – CD Cover Artwork Template

Creative abstract and minimal artwork. Chillout album cover template. CD cover photoshop template. Easy to edit and print ready.

inspiring melodies cd cover template

Sunset Chillout – CD Cover Template

Minimal monochrome design. This CD cover template was made for chillout music albums. Print ready photoshop PSD template.

sunset chillout cd cover template

Chillout Moments – Album Cover Art Template

Album cover artwork template for alternative music projects. Great for audio podcasts and audiobooks too. Great not only for chillout music.

chillout moments album cover artwork

Chill Out – CD Cover Artwork Template

Chillout album cover template. Subtle minimal design. Easy to edit and customize PSD template.

chill out cd cover template

Lavender Chill – CD Cover Artwork Template

Dark minimal CD cover template. Ideal for ambient, minimal and chillout music albums or compilations.

lavender chill cd cover template

Winter Chillout – CD Cover Template

Winter session music. CD cover design template. Ideal for chillout music compilations, dj mixes or music albums.

winter chillout cd cover template

Akasha Dreams – CD Cover Art Template

Chillout album cover template. Photoshop psd template for chill music genres. Great for psybient, psychill, dubchill music.

akasha dreams cd cover template

Chill On The Boat – CD Cover Template

CD cover artwork template for chillout music. Easy to edit and customize photoshop psd template.

chill on the boat cd cover template

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